Thrasher Magazine – Dime and Vans’ “Screaming Challenge” Photos

Everyone knows contests are great to establish who the best skateboarder in the room is. Dime and Vans dared to ask, who is the loudest skater in the room?

Photos by Ryan Lebel

After a steep hike up, the crew arrives at the summit just in time for Bryan to explain the rules: whoever makes the most noise hoppin’ the can gets the glory

Screaming Web Photo 2World-renowned screamer Will Marshall inspects the course

Screaming Web Photo 3Bryan gives the green light, and it’s go time!

Screaming Web Photo 4First up, Una breaks the ice with a screechin’ ollie

Screaming Web Photo 5Toronto legend Stafhon Boca blasts a frontside flip on his first attempt—solid voice on that guy

Screaming Web Photo 6Bryan is impressed…

Screaming Web Photo Zander Mitchell throw downUp next, Zander Mitchell

Screaming Web Photo Zander Mitchell Nollie frontside heelA very verbal nollie front heel

Screaming Web Photo Will Marshall Nollie Backside HeelRoarin’ and ready to rip, Will Marshall belts out one helluva nollie back heel

Screaming Web Photo 10Alexis Lacroix with the extra-loud Kevin Romar homage—we love to see it

Screaming Web Photo Bryan Scream Meter PortraitBryan sets the bar high and demands decibels

Screaming Web Photo Una Farrar Pop Shove ItUna Farrar obliges with a high-volume pop shove

Screaming Web Photo Conor Neeson backside flipThen Conor Neeson comes through with a DEAFENING backside flip. Is Bryan’s equipment reading accurately?

Screaming Web Photo Conor Neason ScreamingThe cry of vengeance

Screaming Web Photo Conor Neeson Ollie TromboneAnd he’s back with the big guns. Heavy-artillery assisted ollie for the rebate

Screaming Web Photo Alexis Lacroix Ollie with TrumpetAlexis continues to hold down the horn section, blasting while blowing on the trumpet

Screaming Web Photo Zander Mitchel switch backside heelfipZander prefers to keep it acoustic, singing and sending a switch back heel

Screaming Web Photo Lee Yankou BenihanaLoud and proud Lee Yankou busts the forbidden grab. You know there’s absolutely no birds left in those trees…

Screaming Web Photo Una Farrar Screaming“BEST DAY EVERRRRRRRR”

Screaming Web Photo Bryan Thumbs UpSound barrier’s broken, bump to can’s busted, Bryan soaks in a job well done

Check the video recap to hear every rip for yourself and get those pipes prepped for next time…

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