SEO for mobile websites

SEO for mobile websites

It has become very important nowadays to change strategies and tactics to accommodate the
increasingly popular mobile search.

Mobile websites are growing in numbers every day with its own
set of rules. Mobile search is very different from the traditional desktop search websites. Hence it is
essential that websites are made mobile compatible to be able to service this growing segment. SEO has
hence become very important even for mobile websites.


While optimizing websites for mobile search it is important that you keep the keywords and keywords
phrases short for easier use. Most of the mobile phones come with a QWERTY keyboard which makes it
difficult to type long text hence many mobile users just search for a specific keyword.

The search querieson mobile websites are very brief and are often restricted to just 1 or 2 words. Hence if your website
does not rank well for shorter keywords/keyword phrases, it is time to do some rethinking to improve
SEO for the mobile version of your website.



Mobile users generally search for local businesses, hence if you are a local business ensure that you
mention your address clearly and do not forget to add the all important <title> tag. The <title> tag will
index your website on the basis of your local address making it easier for the mobile searcher.

Current Data:

Mobile search categories include but are not limited to sports, weather, finances, restaurants, hotels,
cafes, etc. These are the main categories that mobile users search and other categories where location
and timing play an important role.

Hence if your business is in one of these categories you must make
your website SEO friendly for mobile searches or else you could be losing out on potential customers.
You can also consider having two versions of your website: one for traditional desktop searchers and the
other for mobile search.

Top Positions:

Many mobile website users hate to click on ‘Next’,’ Next’ and ‘Next’ frequently. Hence if your website
ranks in the top 10 on a traditional desktop search you might want to reorganize your SEO strategies
for mobile search since on mobile searches top 10 gets shortened to top 3. So for maximum visibility on
mobile searches your website must rank in the top 3.

Mobile Standards:

The standards for mobile search are very different from the traditional desktop search; hence you
need to continuously check whether your website is spiderable by the mobile searches. Checking and
complying with mobile search guidelines is important.

Non-compliance with mobile search guideline
allows the search engines to still index your website but the rankings are sure to plummet. Avoiding

the use of transcoders to convert your desktop website into a mobile compatible website might just be
cause of plummeting rankings on mobile searches.


Meta.txt is an important component for mobile websites to get decent rankings. You can use this file to
describe the content of your website. This file is directly indexed by the search engine spiders giving you
better SEO rankings.


Mobile websites are still catching on in the internet industry but with a bright future it is essential that
you invest now to reap later.

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