How to maintain your luxury bags

A bag is a basic accessory for any outfit – γυναικείες τσάντες – . A good quality bag requires a high level of precision in sewing and craftsmanship, but also in high quality materials. Therefore, proper care is essential, especially if it is a luxury or designer bag. There are some tips how to maintain your luxury bags.

1. Save your bag correctly

Wardrobe space can be a big challenge if it is limited, but if you can make room on a shelf, it is best to store them upright. Fill them with tissues or old T-shirts to keep them in shape. Ηowever, be careful not to overfill them.

Place them in cotton pillowcases or in the accompanying canvas bags (every good bag comes with a protective canvas bag when you buy it) and place them side by side on the shelf. Separate them with dividers or pieces of cardboard so that they do not rest on each other. If metal details, such as zippers from one backpack to another, can cause scratches. Cover their chains with paper or store straps and chains in the bag to avoid scratches.

2. Keep your bag away from moisture

We would never recommend that you store them in lofts, basements, etc. and generally in places where humidity prevails. The balls you find in small bags when you buy a leather bag there is a reason they exist. The so called silica gel absorbs moisture for this and you should never throw it away. Leather as a natural material, can produce mold in conditions of high humidity, so it is very important to keep your bags somewhere that are not exposed to moisture.


3. Do not load it with a lot of weight

Excess weight, of course, can ruin the shape of your bag. Especially if it is leather, since the skin takes the shape you give it over time. For this reason you should not forget to carry heavy objects, but also not to overload it with unnecessary weights when you take it with you. Frequent use of a luxury bag is the fastest way to spoil. Change bags as often as you can to keep you longer.

 4. Clean the interior frequently

If you use it often, its interior can be filled with junk and unnecessary weight that can cause creases and scratches from keys and other objects. Think about whether you really need everything you take with you.



5. Treat the scratches correctly

As much as you are tempted to protect them by smearing with oil,  do not do it. Most designer bags are impregnated with protective ingredients during the tanning process. But if after all the tips you manage to scratch it, just rub the scratch gently with your finger to push it inwards. If it does not work, water a cotton swab with a small amount of white vinegar or sunflower oil and gently rub the scratch. Then with a clean cotton cloth gently wipe the excess by pressing gently inwards. If the gloss is removed on the spot, apply a transparent shoe polish.


6. Protect your bag when you are out

Never leave it on the floor and never expose it to rain. If it stains while you are out, never use baby wipes and generally products that contain lanolin to clean it. Change the bags you use regularly so that they do not wear out so quickly. The varnish is very durable, however it can leave marks on surfaces if it is not stored properly.

Always keep these bags in canvas bags and try not to rest on light colored fabrics. If your leather bag gets wet, fill it with newspapers to prevent it from shrinking, and let it dry on its own. Never apply heat directly to wet skin, as this will cause shrinkage and breakage of the skin.

For stains and damage to your bags beyond your capabilities, it is best to consult a specialist. They will take care to repair them, clean and rejuvenate. You can also add metal legs, if they do not exist, to protect them from scratches and dirt. The most important thing is to avoid your bags being stored in a place where the sun hits them. Store your bags in a cool, damp place where the material can breathe. This will prevent the material from drying out. If your bag has a canvas bag, store it in it.

A luxury bag is a good investment that can be passed down from generation to generation. For example, a bag from companies like Chanel and Celine, costs a lot of money but if you take care of it properly, it will serve you for a lifetime and you will be able to give it to the next generation. If you love fashion and quality pieces, a quality bag is definitely in your collection.

Also, investing in handbags is definitely a better option than investing in luxury clothing, as they are less likely to be associated with incoming and outgoing fashion trends. So, you will definitely keep them in your collection, for more years than a trendy dress. For example, a classic tote bag made in the 1990s will still be a classic today.

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