Thrasher Magazine – Nick Michel’s Surprise Pro Party

A few nights ago at a secret bar in Los Angeles, Nick Michel was ambushed with his first pro board on Frog. Friends, fans and industry hotshots all came out to honor the young star. The Modelos flowed freely so it’s hard to remember everything that happened. Good thing we got these photos. —Kris Burkhardt

Stepping in through the door at this undisclosed joint, we got some of Ventura’s finest: Gabe Thompson, Diego Todd and Charlie Van Lent

02 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyOne step beyond the entrance, Toya’s hangin’ with sidekick Johnathan Flechas

03 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyOur guy Rye Beres and the old Lakai TM 

04 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyClassic Grip’s Salomon Cardenas and Canada’s Bob LaSalle

05 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyJalba and Ralba

06 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyKiss, marry, kill

07 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyKirby and Pedro have a…

08 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyLotties Gang, Louie and Chris came out too

09 2000 Nick Michel Pro Party“Guys, the sandwiches here are psycho”

10 2000 Nick Michel Pro Party Oh yeah, we didn’t just come here to hang, there was business at hand! Everyone’s attention focused on the video, but Zach Sheats is looking like he knows something we don’t

11 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyCool video, but wait, what are those blue things?

13 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyBoom! Mango and Nick’s sister Jackie Michel reveal the hardware

13 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyThat’s right, Nick’s pro, son!

14 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartThe Michels bring their own carrots to the bar

15 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyJalba welcomes Nick to the pro roster

16 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyJ-Lay cops a first edition and Kevin Shealy’s bus tub is probably the reason we don’t remember much

17 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyIllinois boy Cory Glick secured the package

18 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyMango probably explaining the carrots

19 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyAnd then blessing a fan with his John Hancock. Who is the T-Funk of drinking?

20 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyWKND’s Zac Gracie treated Nick’s board like the back page of a yearbook—HAKAS

21 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyWorld Peath reunion. Las Vegas, stand up!

22 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyLooks like Toya just sold a house

23 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyCrowd surfing and getting covered in creative juice

24 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyGoodnight, Nick. This blog might be his only memory of the evening…

25 2000 Nick Michel Pro PartyAsk your shop if they got the carrots. Congratulations, Nick, you’re pro as Frog. Everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for his new part

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Thrasher Magazine – Shareef Grady’s GoFundMe

  • 7/09/2021

    Andres Bill’s “Be Water” Video

    Flowing through Southern California’s alleys and well-trafficked avenues, Andres’ crew hits huge taildrops and ditch dives with their own rhythm.

  • 1/25/2021

    Pretty’s “ATL to SF” Video

    Pretty's "ATL to SF" Video

    Shareef Grady and ATL’s Pretty squad bounce from the South to get some at Clipper. Come for the stoke—stay for the roasts.

  • 1/19/2021

    Adam Robo’s “Mint Condition” Video

    Adam Robo's "Mint Condition" Video

    Shareef Grady, Austin Thongvivong, Justin Hearn and their bi-coastal crew pulverize Portland and Atlanta with heavy clips and good vibes.

  • 12/29/2020

    Jourdynn Sherman’s “Worldformation” Video

    Jourdynn Sherman's "Worldformation" Video

    This stacked pack of ATL locals beats the streets with a non-stop barrage of fast flip tricks and some good old-fashioned mischief. More of this, please.

  • 11/17/2020

    Naquan Rollings’ “Buss” Video

    Naquan Rollings' "Buss" Video

    Ishod, Shareef, Christian, Dritsas, Billy, Ish and more heavy hitters bust in the bowls and avenues of NYC. If the mission was destruction, consider it complete. 

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    Thrasher Magazine – Create and Destroy: Neckface

  • 1/25/2021

    “Phelper’s 9 Lives” Comix by Neckface

    Jake Phelps swerved the Grim Reaper for decades. His near-death experiences only made him stronger. In a twisted tribute that Jake would have loved, Neckface celebrates some of Phelper’s brushes with death.

  • 1/05/2021

    T-Eddy Awards 2020

    T-Eddy Awards 2020

    Last year was the worst, which means we’ve got an extra-stacked pack of T-Eddys for the skate world’s gaffes and god-awful moments. Plenty of praise in there, too! Don’t get pissed if you made the list.

  • 11/18/2020

    Neckface: People I’ve Known

    Neckface: People I've Known

    For years, Neckface’s identity was shrouded in mystery. At some point the mask slipped a bit and now he weaves in and out of the spotlight as he pleases. Neck has stories for days.

  • 8/12/2020

    My War: Beagle

    My War: Beagle

    Beagle’s trick curse was lifted with his epic ender from Baker 4, but it sure as hell didn’t come easy. A real skate filmer doesn’t just document the battles, he fights them, too.

  • 7/14/2020

    My War: Sammy Baca

    My War: Sammy Baca

    Baca got broke off going big for Baker 4, but no words can describe his dedication quite like this video. Twenty-seven bus trips from Vegas paid off in the end.  

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    Thrasher Magazine – Harold Hunter Day XIV Recap

    On September 12th, the DC team and a 1,000-plus skaters converged at New York’s LES Skatepark to celebrate Harold Hunter Day XIV. From OGs to young guns, guys, girls, spectators and participators—everyone was in attendance. The scene was sparked as they lit up the park and kept Harold’s memory alive. Check the recap, then come to the next one. —Mike Heikkila

    Pool tournaments, photo shows and a skate jam full of pure joy, this is just a glimpse of the good times

    Getting off on the good foot, the girls got the day’s event going with a best-trick contest in the corner pocket

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 002Hype it up or set if off, these ladies brought the good energy to the park

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 003Blunt kickflip on the Daewon tip, Jordan Pascale was puttin’ it down

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 004OGs in the house—Steve Rodriguez with his 5Boro boys Danny Falla and Jimmy McDonald

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 005Steve’s been keepin’ the scene stoked for decades; Harold Hunter Day would be no exception

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 007Young Rara out of Jersey came over to show the city kids how to Smith

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 008This shove-it melon rewind over the apple really doesn’t translate in a photo, but that bandana’s pretty sick

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 009Jiro, kickflip front board without his Red Bull hat fallin’ off. I heard they glue those things on

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 010What a sight—ollie late flip with the Freedom Tower overlooking

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 011LES was dubbed Harold Hunter Park for the day and no one could disagree. Maybe we can leave that up a little longer?

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 015Brian Panebianco Sabotaged the scene with a switch nosegrind in the middle of the course

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 018Over on the hubba, Rara went on the attack again—crooked grind with some added respect for our guy

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 019Brandon James’ kickflip front tail was only one of a half-dozen moves down the steps

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 022Before the next event, let’s walk the grounds. First up, some East Coast icons in the wild. Fun fact: Quim Cardona and John Shanahan have both been on the cover of the mag

    1500 John Shanahan TH1120CoverSee, told ya’. November 2020

    1500 Quim Cardona Thrasher CoversAnd Quim had two! Left: November 1995 Right: May 1997 

    750 Camera Gif Harold Hunter FoundationI wasn’t the only one covering this thing. The best camera is the one you got

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 031Brandon Novak and Brandon Turner made it out the Big City. These dudes have paid their dues and then some

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 035Everyone wanted to get a flick with Lil B. Who knows when he’ll be back?!

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 037Brian Panebianco and Kevin Bilyeu earned their DC rings after that new Sabo video dropped

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 040Scotty “The Body” on the mic for the final jam. He ain’t afraid to tell the people what he wants to see

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 042Closing out the day, the double set got a facelift. With DC’s makeshift Union-Square block, there were only two outcomes: glory or the grave. This kid flirted with both

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 041Back from the dead, he gets the kickflip onto the platform

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 047Aftertime gap to back 50-50 for the love—and maybe 30 bucks straight out of Steve’s pocket

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 048Yes, Dylan Jaeb does leave Poods for special occasions

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 050Pay some respect to the OG Ron Hunter. He and the HHF crew pulled off one helluva day

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 053Brandon “Neva Skimp” James going home with some cash for messin’ up the hubs

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 055Josh Wilson, John Shanahan and Will Marshall take a break from stackin’ Bronze clips. Now see if you can spot a SOTY

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 057It was a good day at the park, but eventually, the streets were calling. Evan ends one session and starts another with a wild-style streetplant

    HaroldHunterDay LES 21 DCshoes Heikkila LOW 058That’s all, folks. Thank you again to the Harold Hunter Foundation and DC for putting this thing together. Can’t wait for the next one. We’ll just leave Evan here ’til then

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    Thrasher Magazine – Escapist Skateshop’s “Our World” Video

  • 9/27/2021

    Ernie Torres: People I’ve Known

    Ernie Torres busted out of Oklahoma in the early 2000s, earning a seat in the REAL van with his heavy moves and wicked sense of humor. Thanks for the memories, Big Ern! As seen in our Aug. 2021 issue.

  • 9/14/2021

    Corey Lawrence Memorial Zine

    Corey Lawrence Memorial Zine

    Friends and family of Corey Lawrence put together a beautiful zine that pays respect to the KC legend. Check the spreads and then get some for those who can’t.

  • 8/17/2021

    Breana Geering’s Pro Surprise Photos

    Breana Geering's Pro Surprise Photos

    Moments after claiming this month’s cover, Breana Geering got a well-warranted promotion from Girl, complete with her own signature sparkling wine and a surprise from Vancouver’s finest. Peep the pics to see who made it out.

  • 6/01/2021

    Nike SB’s “Constant” Video

    Nike SB's "Constant" Video

    In uncertain times, an eclectic roster from the Swoosh stays focused on the one thing that always rules. With epic sections from GT, Daan, Oski, Korahn, Hause, Carlos Ribeiro and more, this vid shines with a much-needed light. Appreciate the constant.

  • 3/30/2021

    “Filthy Delights” Video

    "Filthy Delights" Video

    Full parts from Damian Bravo and Massimo Cavedoni bring long-awaited clips to light. Donnelly, Busenitz, Gerwer, Asselin, Aultz and more all-stars from the DLX family round out the experience.

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    Thrasher Magazine – João Allen’s “Mischief” RVCA Part

  • 7/26/2021


    Zach, Spanky, Suciu and more put the moves on Flushing and New York’s hottest spots for RVCA.

  • 11/01/2020



    Reynolds, Spanky and Zach Allen get buck on LA’s evergreen landmarks with help from Heyl and Thorpe. These dudes do damage.

  • 7/16/2020

    RVCA’s “The Balance of Opposites” Video

    RVCA's "The Balance of Opposites" Video

    Suciu, Spanky, Reynolds and the RVCA team tear it up on their jet-setting journey from the States to the Middle East, Oz and back. Bask in the beauty of this full length with fresh eyes. 

  • 5/01/2020

    RVCA in Mexico City

    RVCA in Mexico City

    Spanky, Curren Caples, Evan Mock and Zach Allen get in the rhythm for RVCA, riding untapped banks and bars. That over-under closer is wild. 

  • 4/02/2020

    Hugo Montezuma x RVCA

    Hugo Montezuma x RVCA

    No public park or private pit is safe from Hugo as he sets his sights on the Southwestern states—the coping gets absolutely crushed in this part from RVCA. Just wait for the Money Grab at Hell Bowl. Cha-ching!

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