Can a narcissus men fall in love and cheat?

A narcissist is someone who can’t fall in love, according Golden Diamond Escorts, because he only loves himself. But is this true?

The narcissist is a type of man who could only be described as in love with himself. These are people who experience great insecurities, are easily hurt and are increasingly closed to themselves. Most often a narcissus is considered as an ideal companion in the beginning, but gradually creates a toxic environment that leads to hurt and two.

After all, can a narcissist fall in love more than his idol?



Who was Narcissus?

According to ancient Greek myths, Narcissus was a handsome young man from Boeotia who fell in love with his idol and died trying to touch it, experiencing the incomplete. Among the various versions, there is a very interesting one, from Ovid, during which there was a beautiful nymph Echo who was in love with Narcissus. Narcissus, looking at himself in a lake, said erotic words that Echo listened to and thought they were for her. So she responded, but her exhausting efforts to persuade Narcissus to go to her led her to lose her voice and utter only the last sounds, while Narcissus drowned in his attempt to touch himself.

Why is myth valuable?

In this myth lies all the mechanics of a narcissistic love. A narcissistic man seeks a woman who has the role of Echo, that is, a woman without a strong personality and will, who expresses her admiration for him, while the narcissist himself focuses on the continuous improvement of himself and the achievement of his personal goals. This alienation from the world and his obsession with perfection lead him to depression, social death and erotic isolation.

For a woman who is passive like Echo, this leads her to mental exhaustion, a waste of time with a man who does not pay attention to her and sadness for her unfulfilled, but one-sided, love.


How does a narcissist experience love?

The narcissistic man is a man who seems to love himself but is full of existential anxiety, frustration and the need for attention.

This means that he is looking for partners who are generous, offer him stability, security and satisfy his desires. For some, a narcissist is incapable of loving, but that depends on the degree to which he experiences narcissism and his internalized anxieties.He is not so incapable of falling in love with it, but of expressing it. The narcissist desperately tries to feel better, but he doesn’t always succeed, and this forces him to try harder to the point where he just isolates himself. Most of the time, however, he has feelings and tries to express them, but he does it the wrong way.

What type of woman can charm a narcissist?

Two types. The first is a woman like Echo, who will stand by him in every way and raise him, but will take her for granted, will love her, but will never be able to give her everything she wants. This woman will experience a form of love that will be one-side and she will believe that she will be alone in difficult times. In other words, a narcissist can be with a tragic woman who will not feel love.

The second type is an extremely dynamic woman who will make the narcissist feel inferior. This woman will not necessarily have a loving partner, but also a competitor who is experiencing anxiety to overcome it. So the narcissist sees it as a form of challenge that in the case of oppression will deceive her or leave her, while when he conquers her he will be bored.

After all, can a narcissist fall in love? 

The answer is yes. He is already in love with his idol and may fall in love with other women but in his way. So he is doomed to experience love and lose it. The narcissistic man is charming, impressive, smart and toxic.

His love is a passion that devours what he loves to maintain his existence and that works as a poison for any woman who will mentally weaken her. The biggest victim, however, is the narcissist himself because he does not see all this or he cannot manage it and continues his self-destructive course. The narcissist experiences love as martyrdom.


How is narcissism treated in a relationship?

Unfortunately, this is a difficult relationship. The narcissistic man is the one who will create direct or indirect problems in the relationship. His partner should be ready to manage any outburst, indifference or weirdness and come to terms with the extremely difficult process of changing him.

  • The first thing a narcissist should do is not change her. This means that she must set her limits, be clear about what is going on between them, how much she can support him and, above all, not allow him to go beyond these limits.
  • The second element is to know that the end is possible. How long can you stay in a relationship with a man who only takes and doesn’t give? So be prepared for everything from the moment you realize that your partner is a narcissist.
  • The third is to talk to him. Tell him he’s a narcissist and he has to work with himself gradually. You should explain to him that this is killing your relationship and that if he loves you so much he should change it. Many narcissists start psychoanalysis or try very hard on their own if they find true love and change. They may still be shopping with those around them, but they find balance with their partner and learn to express their love for it.

After all, the narcissist can love

As you can see, he can do it, but it takes a lot of effort. If you decide that your partner is the narcissist you want, try to show him who he is. If he loves you, he will change for your sake, because love is the strongest force in the world. In this case, be by his side, try to support him, because he will become someone else only for you.

For a narcissist to leave his idol and look at you means a lot that you will never understand. It is a transformation that you will never see take place, but you will see its unique results if you are patient.


When is a narcissist not happy in a relationship?

When he doesn’t get what he wants. If he is in a relationship that is not offered everything he wants, he starts and experiences the feeling of dissatisfaction, the fear of wrong choices, the continuous and increasing stress and so he is led to spasmodic movements or escapes from the relationship.

The narcissist, even if he is not satisfied, will never admit that he was wrong and will throw everything at his partner. But inside he knows that the failure of a relationship cost him much more and that is why he is looking for ways to reduce his impending pain beforehand.

Fraud and narcissism

The narcissist will cheat only in two cases. The first is when she is in a relationship and feels trapped. It’s his way of escaping without breaking the relationship, but inside he knows something is over and it’s a matter of time.

In this case, the narcissist is looking for a partner who is more generous than the existing one, hoping to cover 100% of all his needs and hoping to replace her. So he has control over when a relationship ends and does not think for a moment about the negative consequences, as he has invested in his coverage, leaving his partner to manage all the weight.

The second case is that the narcissist wants revenge. If he knows or assumes that his partner is cheating on him, betraying him, hiding things from him or being worthy of his expectations, then he loses control and looks for a much more beautiful woman to start sex with. In this case, she will do everything to satisfy the other woman, as she considers that each of her orgasms is his gift and at the same time what he deprives his partner.

The narcissist of the second case is frustrated, angry and only seeks ways to ” punish ” his partner.


How does a narcissist cheat? 

Not like infidelity. The narcissist is a mentally special person. Going with another woman is not a horn because he lacked sex, he was more beautiful than you or he just doesn’t count on you, but it’s his last act of revenge before he leaves your life.

Sure, learning that your partner went with someone else is not so pleasant, but think that he is a narcissist and wants nothing more than to hurt you because he considers you invulnerable in any other way.

The narcissistic partner who gets to tell you or show you that he cheated on you is nothing more than a wounded, immature person who needs your attention again. You have to look behind the scenes and manage the whole situation calmly. Yes, fraud means immediate separation, but for the narcissist, it doesn’t stop there sometimes. He will try to show you what he is doing after you and how well he is doing. All his actions are aimed at one thing, to make you lose your self-confidence and feel bad.

Is infidelity inevitable?

The answer is no. The narcissist, no matter how difficult and rigid he may seem, can easily manage. If you talk to him often, you will understand what is holding him back and what is bothering him. With the conversation, no matter how much he admits it, he will understand things and feel that you are a person who cares about him and you do not want to leave him. Once he feels emotionally secure, he will let go of any thoughts of fraud. The point is you if you can see them all soon.

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